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It’s an exciting time for the Massage Therapy industry.  Once seen primarily as a luxury service, therapeutic massage is gaining notice as an important component of complementary and alternative care.  Although relaxation and stress management still plays a crucial role, the medical community and recipients of massage are starting to recognize the positive impact massage can have on managing pain and symptoms as well as the positive impact to general wellness maintenance.

My goal at Symbiology Massage, LLC is to work with individuals to help them understand how massage can be a valuable component of their regular health and wellness maintenance.  During my initial consultation, I work to understand my client’s goals, explain how massage supports those goals and work with my client to define a maintenance schedule that helps manage their pain or reduce the occurrence of symptoms so they can get more enjoyment out of life.

The frequently asked questions section of the website provides some insight as to the benefits of massage.  If you have specific questions or would like to know how massage might benefit you personally, please feel free to reach out.  One of my biggest pleasures in my role as a massage therapist is helping people to understand how to interpret and avoid pain!

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